The founders of the European Medical University organized FUND TO SUPPORT YOUNG AND SUCCESSFUL STUDENTS

* According to the internal policy of the University, each student who enrolled fo*According to the University's internal policy, every student enrolled on a contract basis has a chance to receive a grant from the founders for free tuition for one semester based on the results of the average academic performance of each semester of study and active participation in the life of the University. Points are added to the student's final average for

1 Participation in conferences, giving speeches; 2 Participation and victories in the Olympiads; 3 An innovative proposal in both the theoretical and practical spheres 4.Development and implementation of innovative developments; 5.Developing and implementing start-ups, winning prizes in selections.

**The fund covers 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of the costs, depending on whether the students fulfil the requirements and objectives set for them.