You have a unique opportunity to gain knowledge of the adapted European education system at one of the most prestigious universities in our country - the European Medical University.

The work of our admission committee will take place from 01/07/2021 to 20/07/2021.

For the 2021/2022 academic year, two stages of admission of documents are planned

The first stage - is for education on a grant basis *

The second stage - is for education on a contract basis **

Entrance examinations:
The student will be assessed using a set of multiple choice tests, with a level of difficulty corresponding to the programs of secondary schools in Uzbekistan. Entrance tests consist of two subjects:
  • Biology - 20 tests - 30 minutes, 4,1 points (dentistry, general medicine), 3,1 points (рharmacy) for each correct answer.
  • Chemistry - 20 tests - 30 minutes, 3,1 points (dentistry, general medicine), 4,1 points (рharmacy) for each correct answer.

The full entrance exam consists of 40 tests and will last 60 minutes.

Examination results

Questions will be in the language of submission of documents.

Applicants will know their exam results shortly after the end of the online test. The full list of candidates with the highest scores for training under the grant will be announced within a week after the entrance exam.

* According to the internal policy of the University, for average and low academic performance, a student who enrolled on a grant basis can be transferred to contract training from the next semester.

** According to the internal policy of the University, for high academic performance and active participation in the life of the University, a student who enrolled to study on a contract basis can receive a grant from the founders for free education.

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